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In modern world, when you’re overwhelmed with work, food delivery service becomes more and more popular with time. Well, no wonder, because there are many factors that could explain high demand for this service.

dostavka-edy1First thing – it saves time. By ordering food delivery you’re significantly saving your time. For example, if you go to your office every day, it would be more convenient for you to have lunch right there. Think about how much time would it take you to go to the nearest convenience store or shop? Our food delivery in Almaty will help you to save your time and get your food delivered to your office, say, half an hour before the lunch break. It will allow you to enjoy your delicious and healthy meal without getting anxious about being late for work after the lunch break.

Secondly, food delivery allows you to enjoy courses that require much time and are quite complicated to cook.

A certain type of food delivery service is highly popular worldwide, which is when you get some courses, bakery, desserts or even drinks from your favourite restaurant’s menu delivered right home. It is important to note that in “The White Whale” coffee shop you can order a delivery of your favourite food to your office without paying anything for it just like if you were in here. In addition, you will save some dime, because there’s no service fee and no need to come to a restaurant in Almaty.

So, what do we get in the end? Not only you have a possibility to greatly save your time and get your order in shortest terms, but you can also enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy food for a reasonable price right home or at your office. Such service is also comes in handy when you find yourself having unexpected guests. It’s obvious that you can’t quickly prepare a good dinner, so the possibility to order food in our food delivery service in Almaty will save you in such a situation, for in “The White Whale” coffee shop you can order snacks and pizza, or some dainty dishes from our menu.

dostavka-edy2Home food delivery service is a very neat solution. For example, if you’re planning a romantic dinner in domestic atmosphere and you don’t know how exactly do you want to surprise your loved one, or you just cannot cook something complex, or you’re awfully short on time for creating the atmosphere and cooking, well, even this is not hell of a problem. In such case you can definitely resort to us and order some food delivery home. Our finest courses from European and Eastern cuisine will make a truly charming atmosphere for this intimate evening regardless of the place.

All the food delivery process is conducted under strict sanitary supervision and quality control, from cooking stage to packaging and dispatching. Here, at “The White Whale” coffee shop, we cook food only our of the finest and freshest products to ensure that every single client is satisfied with our service so he’d make his next order from our establishment.

We’re constantly working in improving our service and enriching our menu and we see that the food is always delivered as quickly as possible to the place you need it to be at. The most pleasant thing is that you can make an order the way that’s most convenient for you: via landline or via the Internet.

How to order food delivery in Almaty to the place you’re at?

To make an order through the Internet you just have to go to the http://bestfood.kz/ website and there is our page, where you can choose whatever is it that you like from our cuisine and make an order. The other way of ordering is to call the number +7 (727) 3909030 and make your order.

We will be happy if this information will be of use to you. Enjoy the masterpieces of our cooks not only in the comfy atmosphere of our coffee shop, but also at home or at work!

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Киш с куриной печенью

Киш с куриной печенью - нежный пирог, достойный гурманов!  Обычная цена ...

Французский Грог поднимет настроение!

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке!  ...

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