Бронирование столика

Planning to have a romantic dinner in Almaty with your loved one? Want to have a meeting with your business partner while having some fragrant tea? Maybe you would like to have a good time with friends or relatives? Or maybe you just want to taste luxury wine and top notch coffee in a comfortable place with pleasant music? Maybe just a good feast?

zakaz-stolika-2Whatever it is, you just totally have to reserve a table in the establishment of your choice beforehand, because otherwise it might so happen that your event will be ruined by mere absence of seats.

For example, a thing as important for romantic relationship as a romantic dinner just has to be thoroughly planned with every detail considered. What do you need for it in the first place? The first thing to do is to order a table for two in the establishment you’ve chosen. You shouldn’t really rely on luck and hope that there’ll just be a free table in a certain place on a certain time, because if you won’t be so lucky you will just be forced to either postpone the meeting or spend a fair amount of time searching for the other place that might not end successfully as well.

Of course we cannot discard a very important type of events that is a business meeting, because if the only free table will be located in the center of the dining hall where music is playing loud it just won’t be possible to have negotiations. Or if, for example, your partner would get disappointed with either food, cuisine or the way the personnel treated him it will certainly spoil his impression and mood and have an adverse effect on the negotiations result. You can easily avoid all those problems if you will order a table in advance in a café or restaurant in Almaty chosen beforehand.

In order for your meeting to go well, without any issues, you need to do so little as a single call to reserve a table in the place most suitable for your event. Then you can be totally sure that your date or business meeting or a friendly gathering will just go the best way possible.

And you don’t have to worry about the price of ordering a table in advance, for it is completely free and excludes any difficulties in the procedure. And even if you will reconsider and change your plans you will just have to make another call and cancel the booking which won’t take long.

Whatever event you’re planning to arrange in a café or a restaurant, be responsible in organizing it and consider all possible peculiarities and details. Your choice of the place, the menu, the music and even of the lighting in the dining hall – all that might play the ultimate role in the course of meeting. That’s why the most important thing is to order a table on time and in the right place, so you won't be susceptible to a sudden change of plans and forced to search for a new location relying only on your fortune.

Is it really possible that you may come to a restaurant in Almaty to have a friendly get-together in the evening but all the tables are occupied? Yes, in our coffee shop it is so every evening, so ordering a table for a certain time in “The White Whale” coffee shop is not some kind of advertising trick, but it is rather that we care about our dear guests’ comfort!

When you order a table in “The White Whale” coffee shop, you need to deliver the following information to our manager:

Belyi Kit

  • A number of persons. If you’re planning a date or a private business meeting our manager will help you to pick a little and comfortable table. If you want to organize a meeting of old friends or relatives in our coffee place, we will offer you a bigger table, or we can even unite several tables on a big makeshift one.
  • Date and time of the order. State the day and the time when you’re planning to visit our coffee shop.
  • Preferred location of the table. If it is not the first time you're planning to visit our coffee shop then you can book your favourite table right away. If you want to come here for the first time you should state the purpose of your visit and your preferences to our manager. 

Submit an application via the application form to the right of the article or call us by numbers: 3754212, 3760395 and your table will be waiting for you on the set time!

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Специальное предложение от кафе Белый Кит!

Французский Грог поднимет настроение!

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке! 

Обычная цена — 1350 тг.

Специальная цена — 945 тг.

Киш с куриной печенью

Киш с куриной печенью - нежный пирог, достойный гурманов! 

Обычная цена — 1890 тг.

Специальная цена — 1323 тг.

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Киш с куриной печенью

Киш с куриной печенью - нежный пирог, достойный гурманов!  Обычная цена ...

Французский Грог поднимет настроение!

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке!  ...

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