Business breakfast in Almaty

Дорогой гость, Белый Кит предлагает Вам дружбу!

Подписывайтесь на новостную рассылку от белого Кита и Вы будете первыми получать:

  • специальные предложения, скидки на любимые блюда и акции;
  • информацию от нашего Шеф-повара о новинках нашего Меню;
  • интересные истории и факты на тему кофе, вкусных блюд и отдыха;
  • приглашения на особые мероприятия, проводимые в нашей кофейне;
  • и другие приятные известия!

Один раз в месяц Белый Кит будет присылать Вам красивое душевное письмо, как своему самому лучшему другу и, стоит заметить, будет очень рад получить ответ:) Читайте наши письма и каждый месяц у Вас будет возможность выиграть -

Воскресное чаепитие в ПОДАРОК (для Вас и ваших близких или друзей)!

Каждый месяц мы разыгрываем этот ВКУСНЫЙ ПРИЗ среди тех, кто просто читает нашу рассылку!

Заполните ваши данные в форму и до скорой встречи!

Читайте нашу рассылку, выигрывайте приятные призы и будьте в курсе всех новостей!

Примечание: рассылка выходит 1-2 раза в месяц.

Business breakfast at “The White Whale” coffee shop and restaurant in Almaty is a good opportunity to combine two things: to have a breakfast and to have a business meeting in comfortable setting. Business breakfasts are quite a new trend.

However, we’re sure that it will pick the interest of businessmen and guests of the south capital.

Office setting always makes an imprint on the style of conversation with partners or clients. Sometimes it is good to discuss your new or current cooperation, so to say, “in an informal setting”, and as such meetings are usually conducted in the morning, there are not so many places to eat in Almaty where you can meet at 9 a.m. and be sure that a delicious breakfast, attentive personnel and calm and cozy atmosphere is there just waiting for you.

In “The White Whale” coffee shop you have all you need for a business breakfast: fine cuisine, aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, stylish interior, quite jazz or classical music and unobtrusive service. Besides, it is quite still here in the morning. On evenings it is harder to find a free table as opposed to the mornings, when you do have a wide choice. You can get comfy and work for some time using our free Wi-Fi.

Whether you need to make an individual presentation of your offer to someone, or you want to discuss an offer from your partner, or you want to go to the Internet, or plan your future – the time from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. is your time in our coffee place!

Negotiations will go smoother in such a setting because good emotions raise your mood, and it is easier for people to find an agreement and understand each other when they’re in good mood.

If you want to conduct a meeting outside of your office or if you came to Almaty to resolve business matters you should just come down in the morning to take advantage of the opportunity to combine work and morning feast. Here’s our successful business meeting formula:

Delicious breakfast + fresh tea or coffee + Internet + comfortable environment + productive work = business breakfast!

Come over in the morning and we will take care about your health and mood so it may help the purpose of your business!

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