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Дорогой гость, Белый Кит предлагает Вам дружбу!

Подписывайтесь на новостную рассылку от белого Кита и Вы будете первыми получать:

  • специальные предложения, скидки на любимые блюда и акции;
  • информацию от нашего Шеф-повара о новинках нашего Меню;
  • интересные истории и факты на тему кофе, вкусных блюд и отдыха;
  • приглашения на особые мероприятия, проводимые в нашей кофейне;
  • и другие приятные известия!

Один раз в месяц Белый Кит будет присылать Вам красивое душевное письмо, как своему самому лучшему другу и, стоит заметить, будет очень рад получить ответ:) Читайте наши письма и каждый месяц у Вас будет возможность выиграть -

Воскресное чаепитие в ПОДАРОК (для Вас и ваших близких или друзей)!

Каждый месяц мы разыгрываем этот ВКУСНЫЙ ПРИЗ среди тех, кто просто читает нашу рассылку!

Заполните ваши данные в форму и до скорой встречи!

Читайте нашу рассылку, выигрывайте приятные призы и будьте в курсе всех новостей!

Примечание: рассылка выходит 1-2 раза в месяц.

We're grateful to our patrons and dear guests for the love they have for "The White Whale" сoffee shop, so we always try to make your stay here even more interesting and pleasant. Therefore, aside from the discount system for loyal clients (you may read more about it here) we have promos and special offers. We conduct both instant promos dedicated to holidays and constant ones, like "Special offer of the month". This article will get you familiar with our regular promos. As for occasional ones, we always publish info about them in the "News" section of our website. 


Course of the month.

Every month we make you a special offer that gives you a possibility to order a course from our Menu and a drink from our Coffee Menu with a significant discount. You just can't miss it! We always publish the info on "course of the month" and "drink of the month" on the home page of our website, under the "Special offer" heading. Every month the info is updated. Hence, you have another good reason to pay us a visit!

Here's an example of special offer:

specialnoe-predlozheniye-cofeyni-almaty en

Guest of the month.

White Whale likes to surprise! From May, 2015 on, a new promo with a beautiful name - "Guest of the month" - becomes effective. It is a great possibility for our loyal clients (discount card holders) to win a romantic dinner for two! It will be raffled amongst the discount hard holders by the numbers of cards. 

To participate in the promo you just need to pay us a visit from time to time! That's all! White Whale share true sympathy towards his loyal clients! Don't forget him, and every month he will be granting you a chance to win a romantic dinner that will leave tender memories in your heart!

We're also opening a new section on our website called "Our guests", where articles about our loyal customers, "Guest of the month" promo winners, will be published. We treat every person as a whole universe with its own goals, feelings, hobbies and preferences, and we cordially want the presence of our guests to habit this place, which is White Whale's home in the Internet. Stay with us, and fortune will definitely smile upon you! 

Subscriber of the month.

Yet another pleasant surprise from "The White Whale" is a new promo called "Subscriber of the Month" that was introduced in December, 2015. It means that everyone who has subscribed for our e-mail newsletter and reads every issue is entitled to win a free tea party for himself/herself and his/her friends and/or family members!  

How to win? Well, you just need to subscribe for our newsletter and read it regularly! That's it! 

Subscribe for our newsletter and win a sweet treat from "The White Whale"!  

The Coffee Day.

It has already become a good tradition that every Wednesday is The Coffee Day in "The White Whale" coffee shop. Every Wednesday a single type of coffee is offered for a very captivating price! It is a great opportunity to try a new drink or enjoy your old favourite coffee. It also opens new options for friendly gatherings to a cup of coffee. In order to discover what kind of coffee will be offered for a special price next Wednesday, check out the "News" section. Please, do come and have a great time drinking coffee at our coffee place in Almaty!

Birthday gift.

It has already become our good tradition as well to congratulate patrons of "The White Whale" coffee shop on their birthdays and prepare some surprise for them! You just need to have our discount card and come to us a week before or after your birthday with your companion, romance or friends and we, on our behalf, will make your evening even more delightful and joyous! Acquiring a discount card is very easy. Read more here

Come over! We're always happy to see our guests!

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Салат ВЕРОНА - попробу …

Салат "Верона" - необычайно богатый и вкусный салат с морепродуктами! 

Обычная цена — 3300 тг.

Специальная цена — 2310 тг.

Чай с крыжовником и мя …

Чай с крыжовником и мятой - необычный чай со свежими ягодами крыжовника и натуральной мятой! 

Обычная цена — 1150 тг.

Специальная цена — 805 тг.

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Special offers

Чай с крыжовником и мятой - приятный, вкусный, освежающий!

Чай с крыжовником и мятой - необычный чай со свежими ягодами крыжовника и натуральной мятой!  ...

Салат ВЕРОНА - попробуй новый салат с морепродуктами!

Салат "Верона" - необычайно богатый и вкусный салат с морепродуктами!  Обычная цена ...

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