There are few places where you like to be over and over!

anna steblyakova IMAG0222We proudly present you the interview with our "Guest of the Month" in June - Anna Steblyakova. 

— Tell us a bit about yourself.

— My name is Steblyakova Anna. I am a family woman, have a lovely husband and a 9 years old daughter - Masha, whom I love very much. I have a degree in economics and a job in Halyk Bank. As for my hobbies, I adore traveling, while committing totally the rest of my spare time to the job and family. I value fine cuisine, and I've developed quite a taste for good food, although I was no gourmand in the beginning. I think that "The White Whale" is the reason behind this development, for their courses are just amazing, and they serve as a sample of ideal culinary skills for me. When I happen to visit other establishments, I compare the dishes served there with their likes in "The White Whale".  

— How did you know about "The White Whale"?

— Approximately 3 years ago we had a family dinner, and my daughter-in-law by the name of Sasha cooked a very delicious spinach salad. I so liked it that I asked her about the recipe and the place it is cooked. She told me about "The White Whale" coffee shop in Almaty where she had been working back then, and so I've decided to visit the place. I liked it from the first time, and we started to come very often. Nowadays we always have lunch in there, because it is not far from our workplace, the atmosphere is cozy, the food is great and the personnel is very attentive and inobtrusive.  

 — What do you like about "The White Whale" aside from cuisine?

— The atmosphere! I can't find the right words to describe it, so I'll resort to saying that I just adore it. The waiters are very competent and courteous. They even recognize us by voice when we call to reserve a table. We usually make the call and order necessary dishes 10 minutes before we come, and they're always ready on time, everything is done precisely and quickly. It's like you're calling home to order some food for dinner! There are few places you where you like to be over and over, and "The White Whale" is one of them. Calm atmosphere brings relaxation to your body and soul. Sometimes I even come here alone, and I feel absolutely comfortable. When hard times go down, I visit "The White Whale", too. Here I can find peace and recuperate. It's always very warm and neat in here. 

— Do you have a favourite dish in our menu?

—Oh, yes! The spinach salad with mushrooms. Very delicious! An unusual combination of spinach and fresh mushrooms, along with incredibly tasty sauce... I don't know how on earth your cooks manage to cook it like this, but it is something! 

— What about your favourite drink?

— French-pressed Costa-Rican coffee. It is brewed in many other places, but the most delicious is in "The White Whale". There's also a dessert named Crepe di Pescara - pancakes with banana, chocolate sauce and ice-cream. I will have to repeat myself, but it is something, too! They also tend to surprise their clients with different novelties every now and then, and you suddenly have this desire to taste them right away. 

— Do you think that a modern man needs this kind of place? And if yes, how desperately? 

—Oh, those are desperately needed indeed! There's always cozy atmosphere with pleasant music in the air... Our life has plenty of stress and weariness, so you don't want deafening music and drunk, noisy people around anymore... "The White Whale" has this special, calm spirit that encourages a good conversation with friends or a good rest, or makes you muse over some moments of life. All the waiters there, all the personnel is like a family for me. Never met a place kinder in our city. 

— What would you like to say to those who never visited "The White Whale" coffee shop?

— Well, they're losing quite a lot! They should visit this place at least once. I come here often and I see same faces over and over. I don't know them personally, but I always greet them, for I know that they are, like me, being loyal to "The White Whale" and its good traditions. I love this place dearly. I've been awarded "Guest of the Month" title in June and I've got a present - a romantic dinner for me and my friends. We had a great time and I left a testimonial here, on this website... I wish that my beloved coffee shop would keep gaining and prospering so that its doors would always remain open for us! Thank you very much! 


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Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce

Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce - a delicious, filling and nutrient meal for Italian ...

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