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Ancient Arabs used to say: “Coffee must be black as the bottomless pit of hell and as strong as death and love". And so, all coffee connoisseurs around the world share their opinion. Black coffee is a drink that has earned the love of millions due to its in inimitable taste and deep aroma.

Chernyj kofe 2Nowadays almost every nation has its own unique coffee recipes, and everyone considers their way of preparing coffee the only way to make real coffee. Black coffee lays base for a wide variety of cocktails and coffee drinks, although there are several amount of classic black coffee recipes that can be encountered around the world.

Espresso is black coffee prepared under high pressure, which is determined by its name, for “espresso” means “pressed out” in Italian. Espresso should be drinked fast, because it loses the richness of taste as it cools down. A true espresso is strong and syrupy with thick layer of foam and remarkable aroma.

Americano is an espresso mixed with hot water. During the World War II American soldiers that were used to regular coffee (made in filtered coffee brewer) asked Italian barmen to soften the espresso which they reckoned too strong. Now this coffee is loved by healthy lifestyle enthusiasts on all the continents, for Americano has the lowest amount of caffeine in relation to other types of coffee.

Кофе по-турецки от кофейни Turkish coffee is a legendary beverage from the Osman Empire that holds the right place in the world coffee culture treasure vault. The taste of Turkish coffee can vary widely due to the unique technology of preparing, but it is always strong, syrupy and possesses a fine odor. It is quite peculiar, because not only the traditional recipe plays an important role in making of the coffee; special dishes, specific grinding type and even the way of serving have very important effect.

People often confuse Arabica with Turkish coffee, but there’s a whole range of diversities that makes preparing of Arabica a unique and distinct process. According to the tradition, Arabica must be boiled three times and some spices need to be added. The very process of Arabica boiling is a beautiful and mysterious ritual, as the desert itself. Historically, Arabica was boiled slowly on hot sand, and the longer it was boiled the richer and brighter became the taste of this magic beverage.

Many people cannot distinguish Regular coffee (regular) from Americano, but the latter, in fact, is a very popular coffee spread throughout the North America, made in a filtered coffee brewer. When this coffee is cooked, hot water is let through the coffee inside a specific filter. This results into a mediocre, but tasty and flavorful beverage.

In “The White Whale” coffee house we make all types of black coffee, keeping the best traditions. You can read about how our barista’s approach towards his work as well as about the specifics of our coffee in the article called ”Our guests are our closest relatives”.  Pick your preferred coffee on the 3rd page of our coffee menu. A cup of great black coffee is waiting for you right now at our coffee house, so keep that in mind when picking one of the coffee houses in Almaty to visit! See you!

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