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Hot chocolate is a favorite delicacy for candy houndsDelicate and creamy, hot chocolate tastes magnificently. Mixed with coffee or liquor, it delivers unforgettable feeling of joy, for chocolate is the best remedy for depression served in many Almaty coffee shops!

The secret of the beverage has come to us from ancient Maya and Aztecs. Beverage made from cocoa beans had a specific meaning for their culture and was considered divine. Aztecs called it “chocolatle”. The name of modern chocolate had originated from this very word. It was served only on special occasions and only noble males, priests, warriors or those meant to be offered as a victim to grim Indian deities were allowed to drink it. It was assumed that chocolatle granted wisdom, rejuvenation and improves sexual vigor.

It is doubtful that modern chocolate lovers would like the Native Americans’ godly beverage, because although it was made of cocoa beans, same as modern chocolate, in other qualities its taste differed significantly from that we are used to. For example, chocolatle didn’t have any sugar whatsoever. Cocoa beans were simply grinded with chili pepper and mixed with cold water. The only amendment to the recipe was made when Aztec emperor Montezuma ruled the land. Honey, vanilla and agave juice were added, giving the beverage a taste more close to the one we know today.

In its modern way, hot chocolate originated from Europe, brought there by conquistadors. Cortez liked the Aztec beverage and organized cocoa beans shipment. Chocolatle recipe was considered classified information, and only Jesuits were granted the right to produce it. goryachii-shokoladEventually, they’ve changed the recipe, adding sugar and removing chili pepper. Also, they warmed the concoction up so the ingredients would dissolve better.

In 1606, an Italian by the name of Francesco Carletti brought the chocolatle recipe from the monks to Italy, where it quickly became popular. Opportunistic Italians have established the industrial scale production of chocolate. Hence, chocolate spread among all Europe and quickly became a traditional dessert. Many curative properties were attributed to chocolate, and it was often used as a remedy. In the end of the 17th century English people started to make hot chocolate based on cream. This has become the basis for the modern recipe.

Now there’s a wide variety of hot chocolate recipes, with many different ingredients mixed at various rates. In France, for example, hot chocolate is liquid and has the consistency of coffee, while Italians prefer ropy and creamy beverage with consistency similar to that of sour cream. Nevertheless, all the experts agree on the fact that hot chocolate is very tasty and healthy as well. Also, the more cocoa it has, the more healthy it is considered

In “The White Whale” coffee shop you can taste classic hot chocolate with syrupy, yet gentle creamy taste, but also Maracaibo chocolate that consists of aromatic espresso, delicate ice-cream and famous Bailey’s liquor.

Pick your beverage from our coffee menu. And we’re waiting for you today!

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Коктейль Банановый смузи

Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями! 

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Феттуччине с мясом

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Феттуччине с мясом

Феттуччине с мясом - вкусное и сытное блюдо итальянской кухни.  Обычная цена ...

Коктейль Банановый смузи

Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями!  ...

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