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Black coffee lovers claim that you need to drink “genuine” coffee without any additives, like milk or sugar. But are they really right? Those who have had the taste of gentle milk cream in a cup of coffee are unlikely to agree. Well, it’s a matter of taste, because there are certain white coffee types served in Almaty coffee places, such as cappuccino, latte or coffee a la Vienne that are very popular and have their own fans..

kofe-s-molokom 1Milk softens caffeine’s effect and removes bitterness of coffee from the beverage by binding the tannins that form the unique taste of black coffee. Aside from it, milk helps to compensate calcium “washout”, so children and pregnant women are recommended to drink only white coffee, with milk or cream.  White coffee’s stimulating effect is far milder than such of a black coffee, so people prone to cardiovascular diseases always prefer white coffee.

There’s also a wide range of white coffee recipes, for adding milk opens up a wide space for imagination. One of the most popular white coffee types are cappuccino and latte.

Cappuccino is a very famed Italian beverage based on strong espresso with the addition of delicate creamed milk. By the way, Italians prefer to drink cappuccino for breakfast, and those are quite good in choosing a good coffee, because they’re “trend makers” for world coffee culture.

Cappuccino has gotten its name out of the German word «Kapuziner», that in the 17th century was used to define both the Capuchins order and the original reddish-brown color of their monk habits.  A century later people started to so call this very popular coffee drink, to which then cream and egg yolks were added. The Italians took the recipe, as well as its name, from the Austrians.

According to the tradition, cappuccino is served in a warm porcelain cup that keeps up the temperature so one can slowly enjoy this excellent white coffee and delicate milk cream. The milk cream is often topped with cardamom or cinnamon. Today people drink cappuccino with great delight, for it is, supposedly, the most popular coffee drink out there.

Фирменное кофе: Каппучино Белый КитLatte is an Italian coffee drink that is usually made from espresso with the addition of hot foamed milk on top. In Italy, latte is a competition for cappuccino and is often served for breakfast. The main difference between latte and cappuccino is that latte has more milk and delicate milk cream. Modern baristas often draw some simple and funny pictures on the milk cream, like hearts, smileys etc. These drawings even have their own name – latte-art. Hot milk softens the espresso while thick milk cream keeps the warmth in and preserves the aroma. Latte is greatly complemented by various sweet syrups, like vanilla or caramel syrup. Latte is a true classic of morning drinks that sets the mood for the whole day.

Coffee a la Vienne is a legendary beverage that originated a whole culture of coffee drinking in Europe. In 1683, during the siege of Vienna, Ukrainian trader Yuri Kulchinski made it through the Turkish cordons and led allied soldiers to aid Vienna. For this heroic deed he was declared honorary citizen of Vienna and, per his own request, 300 sacks full of coffee beans taken from the Turks. Being smart, the merchant promised to teach Europe to drink coffee and he kept his word. The year after he opened his first coffee shop in Vienna, and then, a bit later, in Paris. Kulchinski was personally delivering coffee to his clients around the streets of Vienna, and he has invented the crescent roll that the townsfolk ate as a celebration of the victory over the Turks. He has also adjusted Turkish coffee to the regular European taste by adding sugar and milk to the recipe. This very recipe became a basis for the famous coffee a la Vienne.

You can find all the aforementioned coffee types on the 5th page of our coffee menu. Come and have a good conversation while eating out and enjoying a fine cup of tasty and aromatic coffee!

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