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Xihu Lunjing is the king of Chinese green teas. It is one of the most classy and highly demanded green teas in the Celestial Empire. Only top and “youngest” leaves are used to produce Lunjing. The main reason behind its high price is the tiresome process of growing and harvesting of the most consumed tea in China.

elitnyj-chaj 2Lunjing is grown in five regions of China: Xifeng, Lunjing, Uyungshang, Hulao and Meixiao. The greatest Lunjing among them is the Lunjing grown on Shifeng Mountain. Since the rule of Qings dynasty, thanks to the emperor Xuanglun’s good graces, Lunjing tea is called “Imperial”. Xihu Lunjing embodies the poetic atmosphere of the Shifeng Mountain along with the divine color, taste and aroma of the brew that formed a whole separate tea culture in China.

Gentle, a bit oily, yet bright and springy aroma complemented by an exquisite taste wait for you in a teapot full with Lunjing tea. Lasting and gentle, though a bit sweet aftertaste invokes bright sensations.

Chinese doctors claim that Lunjing tea has a beneficial effect on lungs and helps toxins and heavy metals discharge from the organism. It also purifies your skin, improves sight and focus, and helps to overcome depression by pacifying your inner world, helping it to harmonize with the outer one.  Lunjing contains many healthy amino acids, vitamin C and catechols that delay aging effectively.

elitnyj-chaj 3Oolong tea, also known as “Temple of Heaven” or Qing Cha, also known as “turquoise tea” holds a specific place between red(black) and green teas in Chinese tea classification system because of specific processing they undergo. This tea is semifermented. The ideal ratio is 50% fermented, 50% non-fermented. To achieve that, only margins of tea leaves and a part of their surface are subject to fermentation. Inner layers remain non-fermented and keep their chemical structure. By this virtue, Oolong teas save a rich scent bouquet characteristic for black tea and have a rich taste of a green tea. Oolong teas can be divided in two categories: low-fermented (green Oolongs) and high-fermented (such Oolongs pertain more to black tea).

Nevertheless, Oolong teas are a separate category of teas that has that contains all the benefits of both black and green teas. A true oolong tea can be defined by the color of brew. When brewed, margins of every tea leaf will look like black tea ones, while the remainder will look like green tea ones. Tea leaves for Oolong teas are collected four times a year, but spring and autumn harvests are traditionally considered to be the best. All the specifics and peculiarities of an Oolong tea can be experienced by attending a ”Quangfu Cha” tea ceremony held in China. The ceremony is never performed with flavoured Oolongs, save only milk and ginger ones, and even those are rarely allowed to be a part of the ceremony by the Chinese masters. Such a privilege is granted only to elite sorts of Chinese green tea.

Oolong teas have a long traditional history in China and Taiwan. There's a wide range of Oolongs existent that you can taste while having lunch in Almaty, but many of them remain insde their motherland as non-export sorts. Every type of Oolong is unique, with its own taste and aroma peculiarities. 

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Коктейль Банановый смузи

Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями! 

Обычная цена — 1290 тг.

Специальная цена — 903 тг.

Феттуччине с мясом

Феттуччине с мясом - вкусное и сытное блюдо итальянской кухни. 

Обычная цена — 2650 тг.

Специальная цена — 1855 тг.

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Феттуччине с мясом

Феттуччине с мясом - вкусное и сытное блюдо итальянской кухни.  Обычная цена ...

Коктейль Банановый смузи

Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями!  ...

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