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Our ancestors were long ago familiar with the curative properties of herbal tea, and they knew way more about them than we do. Every summer people would collect and dry different herbs: briar, thyme, oregano, chamomile, raspberry and currant leaves, and then, during cold and ravage winters, when an organism desperately needs vitamins, they would mix the herbs into herbal teas, brew them and drink them.

As one consumes herbal tea, he encourages his better health, good mood and a healthy look. It has occurred quite recently that we started to rediscover the benefits of herbal teas.

travyanoj-chaj 3Herbal teas are quite delicious and are beneficial for your health. You can drink them constantly, without any limits, because majority of them dont have any caffeine in them. People drink them as a remedy for their illnesses, or as a precaution measure to prevent them. Herbal teas also improve your mood and ail tension, for they possess magnificent taste and aroma that warm your heart and soul to the core.

In “The White Whale” coffee shop we have a wide arrangement of flavoured herbal teas with spices and additives, fruit pieces and flower petals that are a delight to taste. A true judge for quality herbal tea will find great pleasure in drinking those at our place, and will definitely find something that will satisfy his personal taste!

Latte tea is a strong black tea brewed on milk with some spices. The tea is very popular in the US, where it has originated from the Indian masala tea. Thick milk cream with cinnamon dressing will be a magnificent contrast to the harsh taste of Latte tea.

Honey tea with ginger is famous because of its magic properties. Not only it has a powerful remedy effect on many illnesses, but it’s also a natural aphrodisiac. This tea warms you up and soothes your mind, giving you a romantic tune for the evening of your romantic dinner in Almaty.

Moroccan tea is a green tea with some peppermint, orange, lemon, anise, cinnamon and cardamom. It is a traditional Moroccan drink that is brewed and served with strong abidance to the traditions and rituals of this country. Hallmarks of this tea are the magic aroma of Eastern spices and the freshness of peppermint.

Mate is a traditional drink of Natives of South America, with an unusually harsh taste and a little note of sweetness. This herbal drink has tones you up, fortifies your health and betters the mood. Some time ago, mate has caught the interest of Jesuits, for they noticed that Guarani Indians used mate as a healthy energy drink. Thus, mate has made its way to Europe and later became widespread and loved all over the world. This beverage’s unique taste are now widely known and acknowledged.

On the 11th page of our coffee menu you can pick a herbal tea suitable for your taste and current mood. We will be happy to make it for you, as you are always our dear guests. Help yourselves and come to one of the best Almaty coffee houses!

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Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями! 

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Феттуччине с мясом

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Феттуччине с мясом

Феттуччине с мясом - вкусное и сытное блюдо итальянской кухни.  Обычная цена ...

Коктейль Банановый смузи

Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями!  ...

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