Flavoured tea

There are all sorts of various flavoured teas present in modern tea culture that fascinate you with their diversity. They contain so many additional ingredients, aside from the tea itself, that tea gourmands consider them a whole separate category of teas.

Such teas are great and wonderful mixes of green and black tea leaves with citrus peel, berries, spices and kitchen herbs, flower petals, fruit pieces, chocolate or lollipops. Every unique taste and look of flavoured teas depends on the content of the mix.

aromatizirovannyj-chaj 2By virtue of its diversified content such teas look stunning, especially when they’re brewed in a transparent teapot. Fruits and berries, flowers and herbs literally bloom under the effect of hot water, like a magical underwater garden. Rolled tea leaves charmingly unfold, creating a unique composition of taste, color and aroma.

Some of the flavoured tea mixes have been created long ago and are considered classics. They’re made by mixing precise amounts of certain ingredients with regard to a definite recipe. Such is the Earl Grey, a very popular tea that has conquered millions of tea connoisseurs around the world. Every tea gourmand knows its charming citrus aroma with notes of sweet freshness. This tea can include various types of black tea, but one of the two following ingredients is always there – citrus peel or bergamot oil, for it is bergamot that grants the Earl Grey tea its magnificent, yet gentle aroma that has become the sartorial statement of the mix.

Chocolate tea is a wonderful amalgam of large-leaved black tea and pieces of chocolate. Fresh, yet harsh scent of the tea leaves is splendidly complemented by captivating sweetness of natural chocolate. This tea’s extract has a mild amber color, and is the best company for long winter evenings. It warms your heart, relieves tiredness and raises your mood. The truly magnificent aroma and taste of the chocolate tea is meant for true romantics.

aromatizirovannyj-chaj 3Japanese basswood tea is the mix of famous Sencha tea with Chinese magnolia vine leaves, lemon peel, and the flowers of chamomile  and Japanese basswood. A light, springy scent of this tea, as well as its herbal flavor complemented by a gentle touch of harshness may imbue you with energy and vigor even at the end of your business day. It is quite valuable for modern residents of big cities because it contains many antioxidants and other healthy compounds. Japanese basswood tea extract has a springy, delicate green color with golden sparkles, while its mild aftertaste will surprise you with the diversity of flavors.

“Seven Samurai” green tea is an unmatched  composition of green tea and a tropical fruits mix, with pieces of pineapple, mango, papaya, sandal tree, chocolate, vanilla, coconut and cocoa. It has its characteristic aroma of tropical woods bounties, charms your imagination and gives you an unforgettable feeling of being in tropical heaven.

Rooibos is called “tea of happiness”. It is a fabulous mix of African rooibos herbal tea with raspberries and raisin that possess a light and natural sweetish taste with delicate sour flavor and an aura of flowers and fruits. This tea has sparkling orange-reddish color of brew. It is hard to describe thе delicate flavor of this tea with mere words, for it is quite simple, yet stunning as it plays with the evasive range of flavors.

African surprise is a tea from the honey tree mixed with the petals of roses, sunflower and jasmine. As it is brewed, it emanates the finest honey scent that is then unfolded into a rich and fruity bouquet of aroma. Some marvels were always ascribed to this fantastic honey tree beverage by the South Africans. Rumor had it that it could even revive the dead. The brew color is bright and rich as opposed to its unexpectedly delicate and sweet taste complemented by light sour flavor. This wonderful beverage has a beneficial effect on health as it reduces the blood sugar level and enriches the organism with various nutrients, and it raises your mood as well.

All these flavoured teas are found on the 10th page of our coffee menu. In our coffee place we have this quiet and calm atmosphere where you can relax and contemplate about life while drinking a cup of great flavoured tea with its rich natural aroma and taste during a breakfast in Almaty. Come here and we’ll have or best tea composition prepared for you!

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