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It is widely known that green tea is a fresh supply of health and longevity. Any green tea has an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, so it is recommended to anybody who wants cares about his or her health. Green tea has begun to spread around the world from China, but in Japan there are some authentic (true, genuine Japanese) sorts of green tea.

zelenyj-chaj 2"Skytemple” gunpowder is a green tea with a charming aroma and taste light as a spring breeze. This tea is unique for a special way of leaves rolling. Due to this leaf rolling way he’s acquired its English name. Prior to drying, a leaf is rolled into a tight ball, as a musket bullet, that then unfolds when brewed as if it “blasts”.

After the brewing of this “gunpowder” you get a light, almost transparent tea with the color of dry hay. Gunpowder contributes greatly to the correct thermoregulation of the organism, so it is very much consumed during summer. It raises the mood, because it is rich with minerals and vitamins, as well as the antioxidants – natural “youth elixir”. Gunpowder is considered to be your everyday tea due to its soft effect on body waste discharge. It greatly complements any feast for it contributes to the digestive processes. An astringent and ropy flavor that binds up your tongue a bit when brewed strong consists of a whole bouquet of field flowers and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Jasmine flower. Presently, there are many various sorts of jasmine tea that form a separate category of teas, for jasmine tea is truly divine. When you drink Chinese green tea with jasmine,  you feel as you’re being totally rejuvenated and filled with new energy to go on. This tea is very much honored and respected with ancient traditions in China. The first Jasmine tea was produced in Huang region, where jasmine flowers and tea leaves were mixed

Genuine elite Chinese green tea with jasmine has quite a history, and is made with special and unique technology. A certain sort of tea that is collected in precise period of time, is then mixed with gentle jasmine flowers that bloom from spring to autumn. The flowers are, too, collected in a certain time period from specific trees when jasmine flower buds, being full with the juices of life, unfold towards the sun.

Green tea is marvelous by itself, but it is also finely complemented with natural additives. For examples, green tea with ginger and lemon has a great spicy flavor. It warms you up to your heart and is very healthy, too! In our coffee shop, such tea is served with honey

picture-582Bancha tea is quite popular sort of tea amongst Chinese and Japanese green teas. It stands out with its oblong and, at first glance, not so attractive leaves. It embodies some very pleasant and light aroma of autumn grass. Speaking of its taste qualities, Bancha tea is imbued with salty, marine atmosphere. That’s why many tea connoisseurs really cherish Japanese green teas. Autumn fragrance then mildly transforms into a spring breeze, filled with the freshness of spring grass. Bancha tea is exquisitely mild, and it is a great complement to almost any dish, particularly to the seafood, because it helps to shape the delicate taste of seafood without killing it. Because of moderate amount of caffeine, Bancha tea is a great tea for kids as well.

Sencha tea is another Chinese and Japanese green tea that’s very popular in its country of origin. It is unique for its special way of process, climate and strict rules of harvesting. Sencha tea is collected in early spring, in April, because the first harvest of Sencha is considered finest and, hence, is the most demanded. Sencha tea leaves are steamed in a special way that speeds up fermentation processes and enriches the tea with healthy antioxidants and amino acids, along with iodium and vitamins of all groups. Sencha gives great tonus, despite the scarce amount of caffeine and tannin it has in comparison with another green tea types. This tea has a very mild effect on the organism and is considered dietetic in Japan.

Do take a look on our coffee menu, and, maybe, some of our green teas will catch your interest. Come in “The White Whale” today to have a good lunch in Almaty!

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Феттуччине с мясом

Феттуччине с мясом - вкусное и сытное блюдо итальянской кухни.  Обычная цена ...

Коктейль Банановый смузи

Банановый смузи - изумительный натуральный густой напиток с разными вкусностями!  ...

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