Pancakes is one of the most ancient dishes known to the mankind. Any ethnicity that uses flour in cooking has some kind of pancakes in their cuisine, for you only need to mix flour with water in order to cook the simplest pancakes. French crepe pancakes, Indian dosa pancakes, Ethiopian ingeraall these types of pancakes hold an honorary position in respective ethnicities’ cuisine.

Slavic folk considered pancakes the very face of the sun and were traditionally cooked on Maslenitsa. During this pagan festival everyone, from young to old, ate pancakes and saw winter off to greet the warm days of spring. Pancakes were sold out of street kiosks, served in pubs, cooked at home with addition of various stuffing and sauce. Porridges were added to the pancake dough if they were served as snack for the main courses.

Specific attitude towards pancakes were based on their ritual status. For example, it was a bad omen to cut a pancake with a knife. You could eat them only with your hands. As for the ritual of pancake cooking, it was pure mystery. Every family had their own secret recipe of pancakes that were transferred down the generations. A housewife would prepare the pre-dough for pancakes in the evening while whispering specific chants under the moonlight.

Blinchiki s kuricej i gribamiClassical Russian pancakes are medium-sized, lush pancakes made from buckwheat flour. In order to cook them, iron frying pans were thoroughly roasted wih salt, greased with oil or lard and put in a Russian oven. That’s why there’s still a Russian expression “to bake pancakes”, not “to fry” them. Pancakes “with yield of bread” were broadly spread in Ancient Rus – pancakes with some specific stuffing that was put in thin layer on the surface of parched bottom of a pancake and then covered by dough. “Yield of bread” usually consisted of fried onion, carrot, boiled eggs, minced meat or fish, mushrooms, curd and even sorrel.

Abroad, the “pancakes” name was assigned to the classical Russian pancakes. However, almost every nation’s cuisine has its own type of pancakes that can significantly differ from the others.  For example, French “crepes” are made without the use of yeast, just on milk. They can be served with stuffing. For this purpose they’re baked only on one side. French crepes are very thin and delicate, though not fragile.

Pancakes that are popular in England and US are medium-sized lush pancakes with delicate taste. They’re usually cooked without the use of oil and served with maple syrup or jam. Americans often add cheese, raisin or chipped bacon into the pancake dough, whereas Chinese add both green and yellow onion.  In the countries of Latin America pancakes are mainly cooked from the corn flour with meat or vegetable stuffing wrapped in them.

There’s a big variety of pancakes recipes and stuffing. Some of them you can enjoy here, at “The White Whale” coffee house. We serve sweet pancakes with honey, sour cream, condensed milk or homemade jam. Red caviar pancakes are served with oil, olives and lemon that make them taste like a bond fide gourmet dish.

We also recommend you to try a new course by our chef - delicious and fragrant Feta cheese pancakes. Despite the name, there are two types of cheese included in the recipe, along with garlic and herbs. They're cooked in a special way so the garlic would unfold its flavor, but... if you decided to order this course in the afternoon, don't be embarrassed with the odour of garlic, for its flavor comes out mild and delicate, complementing greatly the captivating spirit of cheese! Pay us a visit, order them and see it for yourself!

You can choose your pancakes by taking a look on the 8th page of our main menu. What kind of pancakes would you like to taste today?

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Киш с куриной печенью

Киш с куриной печенью - нежный пирог, достойный гурманов!  Обычная цена ...

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