Bird meat dishes

Delicate chicken meat is a tasty and healthy product that serves as a basis for the whole variety of modern gourmet dishes. Chicken meat is considered “lighter” than red meat although it contains many substances and amino acids beneficial for health. So there’s a good reason that chicken soups and broths are advised for health promotion and energy restoration.

File kurochki s gribnym sousomWhite low-fat chicken breast meat is commonly acknowledged as a dietetic product, because it supplies big amounts of protein to the organism while being low-cal. Chiсken dishes are a great addition to a table both for holiday and regular feasts.

Many first and second courses, as well as different salads and snacks are made with chicken meat. Independent from the way of cooking, chicken dishes are always tasty, delicate and fragrant.  Chicken meat mixes wonderfully with almost any spice, garnish or sauce which opens unlimited space for imagination of those seeking to invent new chicken meat dishes.

Kurinaja grudka v sloenom teste farshirovannaja gribami so slivochnym sousomIn “The White Whale” coffee house you can take a bite of our truly excellent сhicken breast meat roll with spinach dressed with unique wine-cream-vegetables sauce. The sauce allows for a sparkling and impressive range of different taste shades created by mixing it with the chicken white meat. We’re also happy to offer chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cream cheese and baked in laminated dough to the true connoisseurs of  dietetic white meat.

The exotic taste of the Chinese chicken with mushrooms will suit the tastes of unusual Eastern dishes’ lovers. It is one of the outstanding representatives of Chinese cuisine. It is served along with stewed rice so you can experience all the different flavors present.

In “The White Whale” coffee house, delicious and aromatic chicken escalope is served along with broccoli, marrows, sweet pepper and cauliflower. The wide range of vegetables included allows for the full uncovering of the dish’s spicy taste and also makes the meat juicy and delicat

Rulet iz kurinnoj grudki so shpinatom v slivochno-ovoshhnom souseFor the barbecue lovers it will be pure pleasure to taste our appetizing chicken wings served with the barbecue sauce. The wings covered with crispy golden crust can be a good beer snack or fulfill the role of a rich separate dish. Thanks to the original marinade by our chef, you will remember this fascinating taste of our barbecue chicken wings for a long while

Our flavorsome chicken fillet stuffed with mushrooms and braised in cream mixed with champignons is one of the most suitable dishes for a romantic supper offered by our coffee shop. Delicacy and softness of the chicken meat and cream harmoniously fits with the spicy flavor of champignons.

As for the true gourmands, we have our original dish from the chef – incredibly tasty and juicy “White Whale” chicken fillet covered with crispy potato crust and served with exclusive wine-cheese-cream sauce.

We also highly recommend you to taste our new course - chicken fillet with apple-garlic sauce. Healthy food enthusiasts, as well as those who are fond of new flavour sensations will definitely like the delicate pieces of chicken meat and vegetables cooked on grill, dressed with a unique sweet-sour sauce made of fresh green apples and garlic! This course has its own history, for it has been introduced to our menu by virtue of our distinguished chef and his attitude towards job. More info about this course...

Which one of our great chicken dishes would you choose today? Take a peek at our main menu’s 6th page and make you choice!

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Освежающий коктейль "Розовая дюна"

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Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce - a delicious, filling and nutrient meal for Italian ...

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