A dish such as soup is popular in almost all countries around the universe. It is usually served as first course and is, basically, a broth of meat, fish, mushroom or vegetables. There are more than 150 different types of soup present in the modern “culinary vault”, which subdivide into more than 1000 types, every single type of which has several methods of cooking.

Sup guljashThere are hot soups, cold soups, cream soups and instant soups. Also, there’s a separate category called country soups, that reflects cooking specifics of distinct ethnicities. It is cow tails broth in England, mussels soup in America, minestrone for Italy, miso soup in Japan, and others, including Andalusia gazpacho, French onion soup, Hungarian goulash, Russian borsch, Georgian kharcho etc

Soup, as a separate dish, dates back to ancient times when it had the form mashed or grinded grains pottage that was cooked on hot stones. As for the original boiled soups, they came up when people started to use clay dishes, although an opinion exists that people cooked soups right after the invention of fire. Instead of pots, they used makeshift containers made of animal hides.

Krem-sup so shpinatomThe word «soupe» originated from the Late Latin word «suppa» that meant «bread soaked in broth». As the Roman Empire expanded, soups became more and more different. Different seasoning and spices were added to them, including onion, garlic, fennel, mint, parsley and coriander. One of the most ancient soup recipes know to humankind was found in Apicur’s recipe book drawn in the 4th century. It included wheat, olive oil, mincemeat, brains, pepper, laurel leaf, caraway, wine and fermented fish sauce

In the times of Byzantium, soups brought from Central Asia by the Turks were introduced into the European cuisine and became very popular. The Turks added various vegetables and spices to soups. Meanwhile, Europeans followed the Turks’ example and started to eat soups whenever they wanted instead of a specific time of the day.

During Medieval ages soups were cooked from lard, vegetables, grits, legumes, almond and olive oil. All these were usually mashed into puree. So-called “wine soup”, a soup made of bread soaked with wine, was the favourite dish of warriors. In North Europe soups were made of salted whale meat, cress, frozen cabbage, cheese etc.

Chechevichnyj krem-sup s krutonamiBy the end of the 15th century there were 70 authentic types of soup in French cuisine. It was consumed not only by nobles, but by peasants as well. The main difference was that if for a peasant soup was solid food, for nobles it was but a sauce accompanying the products boiled in it. In France soup was the base of nutrition and was served twice a day. It was also accounted that broth possesses unique curative abilities, so it was cooked for the ill.

In the beginning of the 16th century the French started to add noodles, vermicelli and other pasta into soups and broths. Norman people just poured flour into a broth, as Normandy’s most popular dish was milk-flour soup with egg yolks.

French onion soup, according to the legend, appeared thanks to the Louis XV. When he was hunting, he’d suddenly gotten hungry, but there were only oil, onion and champagne in the hunter’s lodge. Out of these, a talented cook made a soup that further became popular around the world. Аs for the bouillabaisse, that nowadays considered a gourmet dish of Marseille cuisine, it was just a plain Provence fishermen dinner some time ago. Gazpacho, an extremely popular Spanish cuisine soup, was primarily usual food for muleteers, but in future it has become hilariously popular among different strata of Spain folk, and then has populated the world.  In “The White Whale” coffee shop you can taste spicy gazpacho with cucumbers and lettuce.

Soups in Russian cuisine were represented by variety of types and were called pottages, rassolnik, zatirukha, borsch, tyurya etc. Russia cabbage soup, in relation the products contented and calories, divided on “rich”, “poor” and “shallow” type. In the times of Peter the First Russian cuisine was enriched by various foreign recipes, so authentic Russian pottages were also named “soups. Roasted porridge, pies and donuts usually complemented soups back at the time.

There’s a panoply of different soups present in “The White Whale” coffee shop’s main menu that are popular in different parts of the world and can suit any taste. We serve noodle chicken soup with crispy toasts beloved by many, a bona fide mushroom cream soup made of fresh mushrooms, as well as many other different and unique soups. You can find the list on the 5th page of our main menu. Pay a visit to our coffee place in Almaty so our cooks can make a bowl of fresh fragrant soup filled with love and respect just for you!

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