Coffee or tea? Celebrirties' choice

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For the most of us, a day begins with a cup of invigorating beverage, typically of a coffee or a tea. Coffee and tea are two most widespread drinks around the world, with their history counting millenia. 

There are many holidays and festivities held annually in many different countries around the world in honor of those drinks. At the same time, dozens of various experts write their articles and compile their reports on pros and cons of coffee and tea and on the influence those two drinks have upon human body. It's as if the world has been divided in two, with one half of people preferring coffee and the other half preferring tea. The problem of whether one should drink coffee or tea has, in our humble opinion, been already solved by everybody long time ago. 

On how coffee and tea became a part of our life

Originally, both tea and coffee weren't regular drinks, and were used only in certain rituals at a strictly defined time as a stimulators of reaction speed, concentration and thought clarity. This brings us to the conclusion that the reactions caused by these beverages in human body were controllable, as opposed to the contemporary tradition of consuming those drinks daily just for sheer pleasure. 

Although the discovery and popularization of tea is assigned to Chinese people, and although tea is considered their sartorial statement, this beverage is also considered traditional in Great Britain, along Near East, in Russia and in Central Asia. Naturally, all different peculiarities of various cultures, traditional cuisines, climate and soil always affect the characteristics of certain tea sorts, as well as its growth and cultivation methods. One thing for sure - tea has acclaimed gigantic and undisputed popularity around the world. 

Legends say that coffee was discovered around 850 BC by an Ethiopian shepherd by the name of Caldi, who observed his goats' unusual behavior; they were running and jumping about vigorously after having sucked on some reddish berries. And so he tried those berries himself and suddenly felt a surge of energy. He then came to the local temple's rector and told him about the mysterious berries. The rector then began making a brew off those berries and started giving it to the sisters who were on night duty so they wouldn't fall asleep (well, those were sisters, after all...). With time, the drink's recipe evolved into brewing roasted coffee beans, and so the world has got the coffee as we know it now.   

Coffee or tea? Celebrities' choice

Famous people aren't any different from common ones when it comes to having a cup of fine, fragrant coffee or tea. There are even true coffee connoisseurs around them. Some even prepare it in a special way. 

Certain geniuses of the past were big coffee lovers. The great Beethoven, for an instance, would scrupulously count 64 coffee beans to make a cup of this very amount, while the great Bach was a very well known habitue of German coffee shops.  Honore de Balzac was another coffee fan. It is known that he drank big amounts of extremely strong coffee. He assumed that the coffee will be even more strong if the beans were crushed right inside the cup rather than grinded and brewed. Moreover, he would put into a cup equal amounts of coffee and water. However, he would prepare such a brew only for himseld and never recommended it to the others. Voltaire was another coffee junkie. He could drink up to 50 cups of coffee a day, and with that he managed to live until 84. 

What about the modern coffee preferences among celebrities? Worldly news have it that all Hollywood elite consists of coffee lovers from head to toe. For example, Britney Spears prefers frapuccino (cold coffee with ice, syrup, whipped cream and sugar), and can be easily observed holding onto a cup of that.  Robert de Niro likes to have strong, bitter coffee, and, despite the age, still never denies himself a couple of fine coffee cups a day. Denni de Vito regularly has cappuccino with sugar substitute, while George Clooney loves espresso so much that he even took part in the ad. Another celebrity - Ashley Simpson - is recognized as a fan of americano, although during hot weather she can often be seen with a cup of cold coffee...

Tom Cruise prefers to drink a non-sweet cocktail based on Moch Frost coffee. Also, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck, David Beckham, Nicole Ricci and many other celebrities are are recognized as big fans of coffee. 

However, there are those who don't hold fancy for coffee. Many of the rich and famous are eager to spend some time with a cup of tea. For example, distinguished British model Kate Moss considers herself a big tea fan. She can drink up to 12 cups of different tea sorts a day. 

The same can be said about an American rock band frontwoman - Hailey Williams. Madonna fans claim that she likes to enjoy a cup of tea with honey and lemon prior to her performances. Starlet friends Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow prefer green tea that helped him to get rid of excessive weight. Another tea gourmand is a British celebrity Robbie Williams that likes to relax in a comfortable chair while enjoying the magic fragrance of Chinese Kudin tea. Demi Moore likes Decaf tea. Its leaves undergo a special treatment so that it doesn't have any caffeine at all. There are also swhiteportsmen who love tea. For example, a boxing World Champion - Serik Sapiyev - regards green tea as the world's best drinks, while an Olympic champion in judo by the name of Mansur Isayev prefers snow rose tea, and always drinks it when he comes home.  

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