A good day begins with a good breakfast to set the mood, because the way you meet your morning sets the tune for all the remaining day! To make a productive day you should approach your morning feast seriously, and make your breakfast tasty, healthy and maximally comfy.

Since childhood everybody knows this common proverb claiming that it’s better to share a lunch with your friend while saving breakfast for yourself. However, a modern businessman’s pace of living is so fast that usually you just don’t have time to have a fine and steady breakfast.

zavtrak-biznesMeanwhile, a good breakfast is just critical for a person involved with business, for it provides your morning portion of energy, albumins, vitamins and minerals that sets your brain along with the whole body to a full-force working mode. Scientists have proven that regular breakfasts cause significant raise in intellectual capabilities of an individual, as well as its vigor and workability.

So, what to do when it is very hard to squeeze some time out of your tight schedule to have a good breakfast living in a big town? Well, there is a solution! You just have to combine the useful and the pleasant! “The White Whale” coffee shop offers a unique possibility, rare in Almaty – business breakfasts, for its way more relaxing to have a business meeting in a comfy and “informal” setting rather than in a tense and “official” setting of “your beloved office”. Considering the fact that it is preferable to conduct negotiations or business meetings with your partners in the morning, you can combine it with a good and healthy breakfast.

Business breakfast at “The White Whale” is not only a great opportunity to maintain healthy way of living and to get a positive energy inflow for all day, but is also a great chance to conduct negotiations while drinking a cup of fine coffee and having an appetizing breakfast. This, undoubtedly, has a positive effect on loyalty and mood of both you and your сompanion.

“The White Whale” breakfast menu is updated constantly, as we consider the culinary preferences of our guests. In the menu we include both popular traditional courses and original breakfast options from our cooks. We adjust our breakfast to the time of year: if in summer you’d like to sit outside, with a cup of coffee and fresh salad, in winter we offer more filling breakfasts that literally blow up your organism with energy to resist winter colds.

zavtrak 3And, as a conclusion, here’s an arrangement of interesting facts about breakfasts:

  • the most global breakfast took place in Dubai, in 1998, with 13797 participating;
  • Pope of Rome’s most ordered breakfast dish is pizza, because he consider it an ideal dish;
  • the most widespread breakfast in the world is eggs;
  • the most expensive morning feast was documented in Switzerland, in 2003, when a group of very wealthy people managed to order a breakfast that cost 600000 euros;
  • it might be hard to believe, but your morning appetite significantly depends on your alarm clock tune.

Whether you plan to conduct a business meeting in the morning, or you just want to have a breakfast in solitude while making planning for the day, “The White Whale” coffee shop is the fit place for such a breakfast. Just come over, choose your table and make an order! Always ask our waiters about special offers for breakfast. A breakfast in our coffee shop marks a good start for the day!

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A good day begins with a good breakfast to set the mood, because the way you meet your morning sets ...