A dinner in “The White Whale” coffee shop is not only an evening feast, but is also an entire ritual that helps you to relax after a hard day of work and get a lot of positive emotions. Our courteous and attentive staff complemented by your favorite tasty gourmet dishes, comfy atmosphere and light jazz music will allow you to spend some good time while enjoying a conversation with your close people.

dinerA modern man, always being overcome with work, does not always want to invest time and energy in cooking a good dinner himself. In addition to the fact, there’s a insanely wide selection of finest dishes both from European and Asian cuisine offered at cafes and restaurants.  As any fine restaurant would do, we always care about our guests, so all our products are totally fresh and top quality, where the courses from our menu are thoroughly arranged with consideration of our every guest’s taste preferences.

Here, every gourmand will find the tastiest and healthiest food that will suit his taste! If you like exotic cuisine, there’s a range of Thai and Chinese cuisine dishes in “The White Whale” coffee shop menu. Should you prefer some light European food, here we are with a gamut of dishes made per only the most authentic European culinary traditions. As for the vegetarians, not only we have a wide choice of vegetarian dishes and salads, as the majority of Kazakh restaurants do, but we’ve also developed an entire vegetarian menu for those of our guests who refuse to consume meat dishes due to their reasons.

Dinner is very important for correct nutrition. As the day passes, everyone spends a fair amount of energy, and, if breakfast and lunch is there to maintain the workability and tonus of the organism, dinner's role is to be light, yet filling, and it must not occur too late or be overfilling. However, one cannot go without some dinner at least, for body recovers during sleep: it actively produces hormones responsible for beauty of skin, hair and nails, as well as for recuperation of bones and muscles. A dinner must consist of correct products that will construct the foundation for appropriate nightly recuperation and good sleep.

diner2Nutritionists claim that a dinner must be rich with vitamins and minerals, and it must contain proteins. A good dinner may include kedgerees and white meat courses, as well as various vegetables and green salads

An evening spent in “The White Whale” is a great time and a fit moment for a romantic date. This charming and comfortable atmosphere of our coffee shop is just like a spell, while our polite and unobtrusive personnel will surround you with care and attention. Our cooks’ creations will strike you with their impeccable taste and appetizing aroma, whereas our respectable collection of luxury wines from France, Italy and Spain will greatly complement a romantic date.

Light jazz music that always plays here creates a quiet and pleasant background and is no liability for a good conversation. You can have delightful time having dinner with your friends or loved one and discussing latest events or sharing your thoughts and feelings. Low sounds of classical music and world jazz hits contribute to a friendly conversation.

Dinner is a great time to liberate you from workaday ruckus and dive fully into an atmosphere of stillness and comfort, have a rest in a company of good people and have a bite of nice evening courses in “The White Whale” coffee shop.

What would you like for dinner today? Check out our main menu and you will definitely see the dishes you would like to eat tonight. Welcome!

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A dinner in “The White Whale” coffee shop is not only an evening feast, but is also an e...