Lunch is not a mere feast, but a genuine indicator of your living way, because your food habits have a great influence on your day schedule, well-being and even your frame of mind. That’s why it’s utterly important that your lunch would not only be an obligatory dose of energy, but would also invoke positive emotions in you.

obed3And we have to say that one’s emotional state is straightly connected with his or her surroundings, for you cannot disagree that there’s quite a difference between a quick lunch at your working table in the office between your monitor and your fax machine, and a steady lunch in a comfy atmosphere ofan Almaty coffee shop at a comfortably served table while listening to classic or light jazz music.

Of course, the food itself should not be neglected, for lunch is usually the most solid food intake moment of your whole day. If you cannot have a decent lunch due to a reason it will definitely affect the whole nutrition. For example, it will be hard to avoid gluttony in the evening, which is, according to nutritionists, causes malfunction in metabolism and leads to overweight.

A classic lunch consists minimally of two courses, but usually it adds up to three or four courses: a light snack, a salad, a first course, which is usually a soup, a second course and a dessert. All the courses must be harmonious to one another thus creating a unique lunch composition.

Snacks are usually served in the beginning of the lunch, prior to the main courses. They serve as appetizers and usually taste spicy. Then, traditionally, a soup is served. Soup might be both quite filling and quite light, as it depends on the broth. It has been historically adopted to include a soup to the lunch, because it improves digestion and encourages necessary ferments production. Also, a bowl of hot and appetizing soup in winter is the best way to warm up quickly.

Second course is the base of lunch, so you have to be thorough in its choice. Meat dishes, bird dishes or kedgerees usually make for second courses. They can be combined with an appropriate garnish or be substituted with a tasty and healthy salad. If the first course was quite filling and solid, you should pick something relatively light for the second course to avoid overeating. It also works the other way around – if a light soup has invoked appetite, you can choose a solid, hi-cal second course to ensure being full till the very evening.  Ideally, you can conclude your afternoon feast with a dessert.

And a cup of fragrant coffee or freshly brewed tea tops the lunch, as usual. In our coffee place you can choose from a wide selection of top notch tea and coffee. Check out our coffee menu and make a choice fir for your taste and mood.

In “The White Whale” coffee house we can offer you a wide variety of tasty and healthy dishes that will make a solid lunch, whereas our harmonious and comfy atmosphere will help you to get only the best impression out of your lunch!

A lunch break spent in our coffee shop on one of your workdays will not only help you to fill up, but will also deliver a good emotional rest, so you can approach the second half of the day with new energy.

However, on weekend we also invite Almaty residents and guests to have a great lunch in Almaty. Do not hesitate to come with your family, romance or friends, and may your weekend be rejuvenating and full of pleasure. We’re always waiting you at lunchtime! You can check out our main menu right now!

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Lunch is not a mere feast, but a genuine indicator of your living way, because your food habits have...