A wide selection of drinks is a must for any bar out there. “The White Whale” coffee bar offers big range of delicious drinks for any taste: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine and cocktails. You can find an appropriate drink for any moment or situation. Whether you have a business meeting, a romantic date or a plain friendly get-together, we will offer you all kinds of drinks you need to complement your event.

Our great coffee or luxury Chinese tea that sharpens the mind and grants a vitalizing charge of energy will greatly suit a business meeting, whereas a friendly company can enjoy a lot of various delicious cocktails. As for romantic dates, a fine wine from French or Italian vineyards will be a great addition to one.

coffee2Ancient Arabs used to say: “Coffee must be black as the bottomless pit of hell and as strong as death and love". And so, all coffee connoisseurs around the world share their opinion. Black coffee is a drink that has earned the love of millions due to its in inimitable taste and deep aroma. Nowadays almost every nation has its own unique coffee recipes, and everyone considers their way of preparing coffee the only way to make real coffee. Black coffee lays base for a wide variety of cocktails and coffee drinks, although there are several amount of classic black coffee recipes that can be encountered around the world.

There’s no real difference for a true coffee lover if there’s a cold winter or a hot summer outside. Neither heat, nor cold make a reason for such a person to deny himself some good coffee, for coffee can be consumed not only in hot state, but also in cold one, with some ice or even ice-cream. Therefore, cold coffee is often called “ice coffee”. Such coffee grants the feeling of cool freshness and, due to the unusual temperature, some new flavor shades open up in the drink cherished by many gourmands. Cold coffee is a great cooling drink that can be made both classical way(when a ready-to-drink cup of coffee is cooled down and some ice pieces are added to it) and  original way(when coffee beans are infused in cold water). More than that, there’s a whole variety of recipes where cold coffee is mixed with different sweet syrups thus creating some delicious and unusual cocktails.

Frappe coffee is a worldwide popular cold and syrupy coffee cocktail topped with some excellent milk cream. The French word “frappe” means “cooled down”, although the birthplace of the beverage is Greece. In “The White Whale” coffee shop you can taste wonderful frappe coffee cocktails with rick milk cream and sweet fruit or berry syrups. “Hawaii Heaven” frappe will gladden you with its coconut-banana flavor imbued with the spirit of beach parties held on remote islands flourishing with fun and happiness. “Neapolitan Shake” frappe will surprise you with the sweet mix of chocolate and ripe strawberry, while “Hazelnut Shake” frappe will grant you the aroma of fresh hazelnut mixed with chocolate.

Black coffee lovers claim that you need to drink “genuine” coffee without any additives, like milk or sugar. But are they really right? Those who have had the taste of gentle milk cream in a cup of coffee are unlikely to agree. Well, it’s a matter of taste, because there are certain white coffee types, such as cappuccino, latte or coffee a la Vienne that are very popular and have their own fans.


A strong and aromatic coffee with alcohol is the best for cold winter evenings. Despite the fact that coffee and alcohol have totally different effect, they complement one another perfectly. Alcohol has a relaxing effect while coffee boosts the organism, so drinks that contain both coffee and alcohol are warming and vitalizing. Various liquors are often used when preparing different alcoholic coffee cocktails. In “The White Whale” coffee shop you can fully appraise the range of their use in cocktails – from sweet and delicate Bailey’s coffee with cream and famous liquor to Italian coffee with not less popular Amaretto liquor.

Hot chocolate is a favorite delicacy for candy houndsDelicate and creamy, hot chocolate tastes magnificently. Mixed with coffee or liquor, it delivers unforgettable feeling of joy, for chocolate is the best remedy for depression! In “The White Whale” coffee shop you can taste classic hot chocolate with syrupy, yet gentle creamy taste, but also Maracaibo chocolate that consists of aromatic espresso, delicate ice-cream and famous Bailey’s liquor.

Black tea is the most popular drink in the world, after water, of course. It has a beneficiary influence on one’s health, so it’s often drunk in many corners of the globe. Black tea improves state of health, increases tonus and raises the mood. Thanks to caffeine, antioxidants and other useful compounds that comprise this drink, it also has the ability to remedy headaches, stress and fatigue, along with metabolism regulation ability.

It is widely known that green tea is a fresh supply of health and longevity. Any green tea has an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, so it is recommended to anybody who cares about his or her health. Green tea has begun to spread around the world from China, but in Japan there are some authentic (true, genuine Japanese) sorts of green tea.


There are all sorts of various flavoured teas present in modern tea culture that fascinate you with their diversity. They contain so many additional ingredients, aside from the tea itself, that tea gourmands consider them a whole separate category of teas.Such teas are great and wonderful mixes of green and black tea leaves with citrus peel, berries, spices and kitchen herbs, flower petals, fruit pieces, chocolate or lollipops. Every unique taste and look of flavoured teas depends on the content of the mix.

Herbal teas are quite delicious and are beneficial for your health. You can drink them constantly, without any limits, because majority of them don’t have any caffeine in them. People drink them as a remedy for their illnesses, or as a precaution measure to prevent them. Herbal teas also improve your mood and ail tension, for they possess magnificent taste and aroma that warm your heart and soul to the core. In “The White Whale” coffee shop we have a wide arrangement of flavoured herbal teas with spices and additives, fruit pieces and flower petals that are a delight to taste. A true judge for quality herbal tea will find great pleasure in drinking those at our place, and will definitely find something that will satisfy his personal taste!

For the strong drinks connoisseurs there's a magnificent wine list present in "The White Whale" coffee shop with a wide selection of finest wines from France, Italy, Spain and Georgia together with alcoholic cocktails and hot alcoholic drinks, such as glogg and grog. All these drinks will truly suit any gourmand's taste! 

A wide selection of drinks is a must for any bar out there. “The White Whale” coffee bar...