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There aren't many places to have a good steak in Almaty, although there are quite many of those who'd love to try a juicy ribeye steak or a salmon steak. The reason behind this situation is that the cooking of steak is like a fine art demanding comprehensive amount of knowledge and experience. But before we'll be delving into the details, let us give a closer look to the steak itself. 

The history of steak

Reference: Steak - a slice of meat cut across (or, sometimes, along) the fibers off an animal's carcass (mostly of bull's). 

steyk v almaty 01The history of steak begins back in the temples of Ancient Rome where the priests would grill big pieces of beef on the braziers and sacrifice them to their gods. A certain legend says that once a priest grabbed a piece of meat to bring it to the sacrificial altar, but the meat was too hot, so he dropped it on the ground. As he put his hands in frone of his face to cool them down, he suddenly noticed some meat juice on him and got surprised. He was so stricken with its magic aroma that her couldn't help trying it. That's how some priest, being unaware of the fact himself, became the pioneer of steaks. From that moment on, a piece of meat cooked over the open fire would be called a steak. 

Next stop - England. Steak became known in England in 1460, when its description and recipe got included into a recipe book of a famous English cook of the days - Baltinus Platinus. The name "beefsteak" came to us from that period of time. From then onward, steak's become extremely popular around England. It was, in fact, so popular that in 1735 a chief executive of some London theater had founded "The Steak Community" that lasted until 1867, with its roster consisting of famous people of the days - actors, musicialns, poets and even royal family members. Over time the "community" was transformed into a "club". That's how the "club steak" name came up. 

In 18-19th centuries steak came to the Continent, and quickly gained popularity in Germany, France and other European countries. Many European cooks back then decided to deviate from the classical ways of using the whole carcass with the bones. Thus, such dishes as "steak fillet", "chateaubriand", "tornedos" and "fillet mignon" came up. 

Steak was a great addition to American culture as well, where there was an old tradition of so-called "barbecue parties" (a friendly gathering in the open air, where people would grill the meat with a special appliance), and since steak is cooked over the open fire, it's become a great thing to add to this event. 

Today, steak is a favorite food of many gourmands and plain good food lovers around the world!

Cooking peculiarities

As it was mentioned before, the cooking of steak demands from anyone, be it a professional cook or just a person, the knowledge of the right ways of preparing and cooking the meat, as well as many hours of practice. Even if we won't go into the humongous amount of details, there are 5 basic steps:

  1. Prepare the meat. A fine steak begins with fine meat. Since the meat for steaks is a product of luxury animal farming, and there is a number of peculiar cattle breeds raised especially for steaks, restaurant cooks tend to use imported beef for steaks. While choosing the meat, keep an eye on its "marbleness"; in a good piece of meat, the fat will be maximally distributed over the meat; while cooking, the fat will melt and become consumed by the meat, thus making it tastier and juicier. As you prepare the meat for steaks, it is important not to err with the thickness. Optimum thickness would be 2.5 cm. Before the actual grilling, the meat should be greased with butter or olive oil, while salt should be added near the end of cooking. 
  2. Prepare the frying pan. The pan should be heated up above the average, so it is hot, but not smoking. The real skill here can only be obtained with practice. Make the pan too hot, and you may scorch the steak or make all the juices evaporate; make the heat too low, and you won't achieve the necessary level of frying. 

  3. Cook it well. As we know, there are several degrees of frying for a steak. A good cook always knows how much time is needed to achieve each and every one of them. For example, a "rare" steak with blood should be fried for 1-2 minutes on each side, and then it should "rest" for 6-8 minutes, while a "well done" steak needs to be fried for 4,5 minutes each side and rest for a mere minute.  

  4. Give it a "rest". To let the meat "rest" is no less important for the concluding result than the right way of cooking it. During the rest, meat juices are distributed inside the steak and the temperature on the outside and inside gets equalized, making the steak warm, juicy and tender. The most important thing here is not to hurry, because if the steak will "overrest", it won't spoil the flavor, but if it is not given enough time, it may be sturdy and dry, and that is unpleasant. 

  5. Serve it right. There are also some peculiarities in serving the steak. For example, so to prevent any difficulties in cutting the meat, you should serve a regular knife to the steak as opposed to the jagged ones usually served in restaurants. Also, to preserve the freshness and the temperature of the steak, you should serve on a warm plate. 

Our steaks

Salmon steak. If you're looking for a place where you can have a good salmon steak in Almaty, then come to "The White Whale"! Here we use only the finest salmon from our trusted suppliers. steik iz semgi s ikorno slivochnym sousomAt first, the tender fish fillet is marinated with herbs and species that create an amazingly vast range of flavors and a magic aroma that mark greatly the taste of the basic ingredient. Then the appetizing fish is carefully fried until it's ready, and then we let it "rest" on a warm plate for temperature equalization. And the last touch to this fine piece of culinary art is a mild sauce; for those who love classics we offer salmon steak with cream sauce and genuine red caviar, while for those who love spice we have a spicy cream sauce with horseradish, lemon, salt and spices. Come to "The White Whale" and enjoy the most delicious salmon steak from our chef!  

Norwegian salmon steak. Norway is a cold country, so its habitants are mores resistive to cold-related diseases and are good at preventing them effectively. We decided to take their example, and though winter is unusually warm these days, it doesn't mean that we should arrange precautions measures so we don't fall ill. A great way of having a good lunch and helping your immunal system would be Norwegian salmon steak. The interesting thing about the steak is ginger sauce that is not usually served for salmon. The sauce contains cream and fresh ginger that is widely known as a good natural immunity stimulator and preventive of the colds. A great mix of tender fish rich with protein and the ginger sauce is not only tasty, but also good for your health!

Stejk ribay s sousom iz lesnyh jagodRibeye steak. In out coffee shop you can also have tender, juicy, soft and appetizing Ribeye beefsteak. Our cooks pay utmost attention to Ribeye, so the process of cooking a fine one begins with procuring some top notch meat. First, the picked slices of beef are carefully cut so that the meat wouldn't break up in fibers. Then the meat is naturally warmed up to the room temperature. It allows us to keep the appetizing look, the structure and the unmatched flavor of a classic Ribeye. Then the meat is thoroughlt marinated with herbs and species, and then cooked on the grill to the extent claimed by the client. In the end, the meat is put onto a hot plate and "rests" so that the juices can evenly spread around the steak, making it even more enticing and juicy. As for the sauces, there are four we offer to a Ribeye steak: sweet pepper sauce, onion sauce, spicy hot sauce and berry sauce for those who likes it sweet!

We can confidently say that "The White Whale" is one of the few places in Almaty where one can have a truly lipsmacking, juicy, tender and mild steak cooked of the finest beef or fish with all the peculiarities and nuancees of cooking process considered and applied! 


Come over, order it and enjoy it! We're waiting for you!


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