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“The White Whale” coffee shop stands for twenty years of impeccable reputation and flawless service and is one of the finest coffee places in Almaty. Our establishment, with its cozy and romantic atmosphere, is one of the first coffee shops in Almaty. Its story, as any story about a business, began from a dream.

Fine coffee was always a great passion of “The White Whale” coffee shop founder, Lyudmila Yermilova. When she was a student, she bought herself a coffee-grinder and coffee brewer from her first scholarship money, and this passion had only been growing through years. And so, when a problem arose as to what her and her friend’s little confectionery should evolve into, the answer was obvious  - a coffee shop in Almaty. For it is so delightful to sit by a table on a fine summer day, outdoors, and to drink a cup of fragrant tea or coffee, and, back then, their company was already involved in sales of sweets: candies, cookies and cakes.

During the first period of operation, “The White Whale” was not yet a coffee shop, but a “bistro”; however, menu was always very rich. First years of establishment were quite hard for this “young” restaurant. Due to the fact that back then professional coffee shop equipment in Almaty was scarcely existent, it had to use regular coffee machines. Only a year after, the founders managed to purchase some professional restaurant equipment from abroad, and they had to master the restaurant business on-the-go: they studied other establishments, consulted with experts and then trained their staff… And so, their sincere dreams, persistent work and strive towards their goal have borne awaited fruits. Today, “The White Whale” is rightly acknowledged to be one of the best coffee shops in Almaty.  Its cozy and friendly atmosphere, along with fine coffee and delightful dishes of European cuisine, complemented by excellent service and lovely jazz music – all these form a sartorial statement of today’s “The White Whale”.

Its name, “The White Whale”, that is so unusual for one of Almaty coffee houses that became a favorite place of many townsfolk, has not came up arbitrarily.  According to an ancient Zen parable, a talapoin called Tajuan once contemplated about the time as he was meditating on the ocean coast. Suddenly, a big white whale has emerged from water and threw ashore a vessel that had a scroll sealed in it. When Tajuan unfolded the scroll, ten hieroglyphs opened up that spoke about the time, and claimed that a man cherishes time the least, when it is, actually, the most precious resource for him. The talapoin got the message and brought it to the people. The coffee shop founders have decided that because a white whale is the symbol of understanding the nature of time, any time spent in an establishment bearing this sigil would be time that any client will spend with use and joy. And it is true, so any guest of “The White Whale” coffee shop can acknowledge it. Here people celebrate birthdays, arrange business meetings and romantic dates. Some come here to have a good conversation, while the others want to enjoy some fine jazz and quality coffee. Never will the time spent in “The White Whale” coffee shop in Almaty pass in vain.

We're cordially grateful to our patrons that stay with us for years! We create our history along with you!



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Бифштекс с яйцом и соусом Демиглас

Бифштекс с яйцом и пюре в соусе Демиглас - вкусно и сытно! 

Обычная цена — 3700 тг.

Специальная цена — 2590 тг.

Французский Грог - сог …

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке! 

Обычная цена — 1150 тг.

Специальная цена — 805 тг.

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Французский Грог - согреет и поднимет настроение!

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке!  ...

Бифштекс с яйцом и соусом Демиглас

Бифштекс с яйцом и пюре в соусе Демиглас - вкусно и сытно!  Обычная цена ...

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