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Dear friends and guests of our coffee shop!

We’re always glad to receive feedback and propositions from you! Thank you for you communication, for your warm words and loyalty! If you visited us at least once, please, send us your feedback through the "Contacts" section, and we will definitely publish it on this page.

YAY!!!!! We've won the contest called "Ladies' friendship" that was organized by "The White Whale" coffee bar. We want to thank everybody who voted for us and gave us support, and we want to acknowledge the staff of this fancy establishment for impeccable service and fantastic dainties!!! 
We also want to particularly commend Lyudmila, the proprietor, for her care and the way she treats guests! 
A visit to this place is a must for everyone!!!
We were happy to take part in this contest and we're tuned for other surprises from The White Whale!! 

Saltanat Alashbaeva and The Girls, 10.03.2015.

I want to express my ultimate gratitude to "The White Whale" for a fine evening spent with my bride! The inside of the establishment is imbued with the smell of coffee. Comfortable atmosphere and a cozy interior is there. There's also this fancy waiter call button. Waiters, I dare say, are extremely pleasant, inobtrusive and smart people. We've had a delightful salmon steak dressed by caviar-cream sauce, and as we had been choosing the courses, Lyudmila Viktorovna, the proprietor, gave us a great advice on what to pick that resulted into a fine choice of courses and a fine evening. This place inspires you. I even played the piano a bit. Also, we were entitled to a pleasant surprise - a 10% discount card were presented to us! This was unexpected, yet comely! So, I can resume the testimonial by saying that everything was top notch! We will definitely visit you again! May you gain and prosper!

Dasha and Amir

Thanks to "The White Whale" coffee shop for a magnificent romantic dinner with my husband! You made us feel the way it was on our first date! Thanks to all the staff for their warm treatment of guests and positive attitude! We will come again soon with our little ladies to enjoy some delightful desserts and hot chocolate!!!

Irina G.

It is tasty and wonderful here. I like the style and the service is just impeccable. Thank you very much!

Antonina S.

We want to thank Nadezhda Makarenko for her service! Delicious cuisine, perfect service. Staff really cares for you. Our personal gratitude to the owners for this chambery and comfortable atmosphere in this coffee shop…


Dear owner! It's been already second time I forgot my phone at your place, and your girls kept it for me. The phone's quite expensive, by the way, so I ask you to reward them for their honesty!


Quiche and pasta are just wonderful. Today I came especially to eat fettuccini with salmon. It's been very delicious!


Girls, thank you all very much! My boss and our American guests were pretty much satisfied!


At times I intentionally visit your establishment to have a cup of coffee. I like your entourage, with calm and unnerving interior. I like your personnel. They’re always friendly and courteous. All my business lunches and meetings I arrange here.

Gulzhanat М.

This establishment’s proprietor is just great, just so charming. She emanates this magic aura no one else has. It’s very cozy and neat atmosphere in this restaurant. The aura here has a beneficial effect on people. When you’re depressed, you can just come here and relax. It brings inspiration and comfort.

Marina К.

The design here is very similar to the one I have at home, so when I come here, I feel home. It’s neat and quiet in here, calm and soothing atmosphere, good music playing, good service. There was this Natalya girl previously, well, she worked great.

Natalya I.

It’s always a great spirit in here. I attend this establishment almost since its opening. I adore Lyudmila Viktorovna, the proprietor. She is a wonderful person, always cheerful, always hospitable. Many great memories are linked with this place.


I like when a damped (not so loud) music is playing, when you can just sit down and have a conversation while listening to some good music, and you have it all in “The White Whale” coffee shop. Temperature inside is very comfortable. If you bring a child along, somebody can give him markers and papers, help you keeping the child busy. The service is always impeccable. Also, there are waiter call buttons under each table. Many thanks to all the personnel for such attentiveness.

Larisa D.


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Киш с куриной печенью

Киш с куриной печенью - нежный пирог, достойный гурманов!  Обычная цена ...

Французский Грог поднимет настроение!

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке!  ...

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