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My name is Farhad Karimov and I’m currently working as the chef of “The White Whale” coffee shop in Almaty. Allow me to introduce myself a bit. I loved cooking ever since I was a little boy, and I helped my mom in her bakery when I was 12. Of course, I wasn’t cooking any complicated confectionery back then, but I could already make some rolls and curd patties.

Later I had worked for quite some time with pizza, and it improved my professional skills, and it was then when I realized that the Italian cuisine is one of my favorites. Also I was very lucky to work together with the chef of “Assorti” restaurants from whom I’ve learnt all the nuances of cooking European cuisine dishes. It was he who developed this passion in me that I have for my work. I was a prominent student, I was learning fast, so 6 months after I’ve become the chef’s helper. At the same time I had been working for the “Bochonok” restaurant where I expanded horizons of my culinary art knowledge. Then I’ve grown into a chef myself and became one in “York Pub” and “Jeans Pub”. Also, I was establishing a pub called “Chicago Pub” from the scratch – developing the menu, including the bar menu, managing the workflow, and being a lead specialist, generally.

I came to “The White Whale” coffee shop to achieve a wider level of realization and professional development and to get some new skills, because a coffee shop menu is far more interesting and rich than such of a pub. Here you have more space to create, evolve and adopt new skills and knowledge. In addition to that, “The White Whale” is a very reputable and famed establishment. It has become a brand, so many native residents of Almaty know and appreciate this place. I’m, honestly, very happy to be a part of this team and to please our guests with exquisitely cooked meals!

I’ve never hesitated to experiment with food, inventing new dishes and creating new and unusual flavor compositions. Of course, I want to introduce something new in “The White Whale” menu, like some new European cuisine dishes, that will enrich the menu and will fit the liking of our guests. However, I deeply respect the culinary traditions of this noble establishment, so I won’t be making any drastic change to it, for this Almaty coffee shop have been there for almost two decades already, and many of our guests have become used to eating some of the dishes the way they always were.  “The White Whale” holds a high standard in the quality of cuisine and I’m glad our coffee shop’s menu with a variety of new and delicious courses, but with no dramatic reforms in the general style. Maybe I will change something in appearance of the courses and introduce some original and captivating special offers for our menu. By the way, we’re preparing something very interesting right now... But basically, “The White Whale” coffee shop's cuisine will always remain the way it is and the way our guests know and love it.

Me, personally, and all staff of “The White Whale” coffee shop are happy to see our dear guests anytime when they're looking for places to eat in Almaty. We imbue our courses with our passion for work when we cook them. Come to “The White Whale” coffee house in Almaty, and we will be happy to roll out the red carpet for you and satisfy your taste with the finest dishes of our cuisine!

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Горячий французский пирог с ягодами

Горячий французский пирог - вкуснейший десерт с ягодной начинкой!  Обычная цена ...

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