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“The White Whale” coffee shop is there for eighteen years already, granting its unique atmosphere to the residents of Almaty and guests of the south capital. It is the atmosphere of joyful peace, fine rest and gastronomic delight – a true oasis of comfort with its own traditions and rituals. Even through our design we tried to maximally depict our basic ideas and our philosophy: natural products, best coffee, comfort and positive mindset.

It is for a reason that “The White Whale” coffee shop was the public vote leader for the “Best coffee shop in Almaty” award in 2007 and 2008. But the best acknowledgement for us is the loyalty of our clients!

Now I have to admit that eighteen years ago “The White Whale” coffee shop began as a very risky enterprise. Two women with a degree in power engineering somehow thought that they can establish a café in Almaty that people will love, visit and remember with warmth in their hearts. Our incompetence in running a restaurant was compensated with our sincere intention to make the rest of our guests interesting and pleasant. As I look back now I realize that it was our guests who advised us with some good marketing solutions and thus helped us to rise up. They came here every day, invited their friends and business partners for meetings, arranged romantic dates and celebrated their birthdays. They really liked our coffee place!

I’m totally convinced that the longer an establishment works, the more people will come there and introduce a little part of their individuality to the atmosphere. Every person has his aura and always leaves something in the place he has spent some good time in. That’s why I’ve never thought that it is totally necessary for a coffee house in Almaty to undergo constant changes and renovations in strive for the fashion. I think differently, I think that an establishment has to “grow” some history. I remember many establishments I visited when I was abroad in Europe and US, and there people really try to keep those chunks of history in any establishment they’re renovating somehow.

It is very important to have a unique atmosphere. Our great team makes their big contribution to the atmosphere of “The White Whale” coffee shop. Our employees have to work within a close range to one another for quite a long time, and I think that people working together have to be comfortable and get pleasure out of their work, and if they feel so they will definitely cook great food and will come here in a good mood and with a great intention to do it!! And then, if your employees work with pleasure they relay this transfer this good mood and energy to their courses and drinks. And our guests can feel this all; they feel comfortable here and leave their positive energy here. And all these things comprise the general spirit of the coffee shop. I think we’re not really selling coffee or food, but we rather share our atmosphere with the others!

Our guests are our gold mine. This is what I really hold on and proud of. There are guests that have been visiting us from the day of our opening to this day. I met a woman recently. She used to visit our coffee shop with her little daughter, and they were among our very first clients. Back then, her daughter was 8 months old, and now she’s finishing her first year at a university. This is so touching! Our guests are all very different people, but what unites them is, firstly, love for coffee, because here people drink a lot of coffee, they drink it good and love it guts. We’ve always granted special attention to the coffee. We use only top quality coffee beans for the best worldwide suppliers to make more than sixty types of coffee drinks.

Our menu includes fine dishes from European, Slavic and Asian cuisine. Also, there’s music, which is an unalienable part of “The White Whale” coffee shop atmosphere. Our background music will make your stay pleasant and comfy, complemented with the greatest hits of jazz, blues and soul.  On evenings, when workaday fuss vanishes with the declining day, a time comes that you can devote to yourself or your closed ones. That’s why the majority of our guests love the atmosphere of communication and comfort that we create for them every day in our coffee place.

Every time I read or hear our guests saying:Thank you. Everything was very tasty, as always. Your atmosphere is great, as usual”. Well, those “as usual” and “as always” words are the most pleasant thing for me. This means that all our effort was not in vain and this is what we’re especially proud of. It was our main purpose when we started and it remained so, and it will be so forever and ever. I think that our guests – people who’re loyal in their passion for “The White Whale" coffee shop – are our gold mine, our capital that you cannot buy. I’m grateful for their choice and I’m very grateful to those who’re reading those lines right now and are about to make the decision. Through all these years I and my team have acquired many good friends, and we’re always happy to see new guests at our coffee shop in Almaty!

Yours truly, Lyudmila Yermilova.

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Киш с куриной печенью - нежный пирог, достойный гурманов!  Обычная цена ...

Французский Грог поднимет настроение!

Французский грог - ароматный, согревающий и очень полезный напиток на яблочном соке!  ...

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