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«Coffee, and food and jazz mood!» - that is the motto of “The White Whale” coffee shop. Our fine establishment is there for 20 years delivering great service, unique atmosphere and outstanding coffee for our dearest clients. Our coffee shop is loved by many Almaty residents and guests who like to spend some good time eating out and look for a place to relax. In 2007 and 2008, it has won ”The best coffee shop of Almaty” popular award. “The White Whale” is a great place for business meetings, as well as friendly get-togethers and romantic dinners in Almaty.

We offer to you a soothing, yet joyful aura and a place to have a fine rest and gastronomic delight – a true oasis of coziness filled with its own tradition and rituals. Through our design we sought to accomplish maximum expression of our main ideas and our philosophy: natural products, best coffee and positive attitude towards life. Little cameras inside this fine Almaty coffee shop are decorated with exquisite style and care about your comfort.  “The White Whale” is a place to relax and rest, with its soothing spirit complemented by fine jazz music where you can get cozy by one of our tables and delightfully sip your favourite coffee.

Our menu includes the best dishes of European, Slavic and Asian cuisine. We’ve put specific attention on coffee. To make more than sixty different types of coffee and coffee drinks we use the finest coffee beans from world’s most prestige suppliers. We can offer you a cup of our Cappuccino Venice – a hot espresso with thick and cool milk cream, or Moccacino -  a delicate espresso complemented by a great hot chocolate flavor. We also have Marrocino – an aromatic espresso mixed with cocoa, coffee alla Turca, Arabic coffee as well as many other types of coffee and coffee cocktails served in our coffee place.

Comfort is our top priority when it comes to our guests. All tables in “The White Whale” coffee shop are equipped with waiter call buttons, thus making our service extremely quick and unobtrusive. Wireless Internet connection allows for a time usefully spent, while fresh newspapers and magazines will relieve the wait for your friend that might be late. At weekdays we offer business breakfasts for those businessmen who’d like to discuss their work and business matters in a comfortable informal setting.

Music is an inalienable part of the atmosphere in “The White Whale” coffee shop. Jazz, soul and blues music playing in background will make your relaxation pleasant and easy. In the evening, as hectic work fuss remains in the past of declining day, there comes the time you can devote to yourself or your loved ones. In “The White Whale” coffee shop in Almaty you can relax to the strains of soothing lyric melodies, embraced by the spirit of pacification and serenity.

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Специальное предложение от кафе Белый Кит!

Салат ВЕРОНА - попробу …

Салат "Верона" - необычайно богатый и вкусный салат с морепродуктами! 

Обычная цена — 3300 тг.

Специальная цена — 2310 тг.

Чай с крыжовником и мя …

Чай с крыжовником и мятой - необычный чай со свежими ягодами крыжовника и натуральной мятой! 

Обычная цена — 1150 тг.

Специальная цена — 805 тг.

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Чай с крыжовником и мятой - приятный, вкусный, освежающий!

Чай с крыжовником и мятой - необычный чай со свежими ягодами крыжовника и натуральной мятой!  ...

Салат ВЕРОНА - попробуй новый салат с морепродуктами!

Салат "Верона" - необычайно богатый и вкусный салат с морепродуктами!  Обычная цена ...

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